Message from the President


Dear Friends of Idaho,              Don

“Made in Idaho”…it has a nice ring to it. As president of the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands since 1993, I want to make my pledge to keep Idaho, Idaho by saving open spaces. But maintaining these areas takes management and good land management costs money. Your donation, for example will help IFPL maintain Barber Pool near Boise, wetlands in Caribou County, riparian areas in Valley County and historic land uses near Ketchum/Sun Valley like the Reinheimer Ranch. We hold land for Kootenai County Parks & Waterways and continue to be instrumental in land acquisitions for the city of Lewiston.

These places and spaces are Worth Caring about…

If you’re an employer, you know how critical open space and recreational opportunities are to you and your employees. If you’re a parent, you want those benefits for your children. If you’re an Idaho native, they’re part of the heritage you were lucky enough to be born with. And, if you’re new to our state, they’re probably one of the most important reasons for staying.

We’d like to think IFPL does more for the state of Idaho than any other entity, for less money. As a private foundation, it costs the taxpayers nothing. Donations of land and money support it entirely. What the donors receive in return is the assurance that lands will be maintained, protected and passed along to those recipients that are meant to receive them according to the donors’ wishes.

It’s always nice to hear from a donor. A recent letter from Harry Magnuson in Wallace gave us a great feeling of support. To quote from his letter:

“I am highly pleased with the progress of the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands. Their stewardship to protect the uses, scenic views and land held for parks and recreation in Idaho is extremely important.”

The Foundation will always take a multi-faceted approach to support local land protection for areas that stay in open space…linked with grazing or agriculture as part of saving that land use…developed for parks and recreation…and the list goes on.

Very truly yours,

Don Weilmunser